I normally invite people to come and see me for a few initial consultations. This is a chance for us to meet and begin to think together about your difficulties and then consider next steps.  For some, a short series of consultations is all that is needed.  For others, it can lead to ongoing therapy.  I work with individuals and also with couples.


A safe and neutral place to talk, explore and reflect.  This may be the first time you have given yourself space to think, outside of your normal family or social settings.

Individual Therapy

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy aims to help you understand yourself better and resolve your difficulties by improving awareness of your inner world, and how it affects current and past relationships.  There is a lot that goes on beneath the surface and as therapy progresses, feelings and thoughts once hidden, are revealed, helping you to make sense of how you behave and feel and how you experience relationships.

Some people seek therapy in response to a specific problem or crisis.  Others struggle with an enduring sense of depression, anxiety or feeling more broadly dissatisfied with their life or their relationships.

I see people for individual therapy between once a week and five times a week, depending on their needs and preferences.

Couple Therapy

This is an opportunity for couples to talk in a safe therapeutic setting with the support of an experienced Couple Therapist.  It can help you to understand what is going on between the two of you, not just in the way you interact, but below the surface.

For some couples, a life event has upset their equilibrium.  Others are aware of a need to address longstanding difficulties within their relationship.  I normally see couples once a week.


I have over twenty five years of experience as a clinical supervisor to a wide range of health professionals.  You may be a UKCP or BPC psychotherapist looking for regular supervision.  You may be a health visitor, NHS Consultant, specialist nurse, mental health worker or perhaps you work in a multi-disciplinary team.  Taking time away from the coalface and reflecting on your practice can improve the care you offer to others, and help you to manage your challenges at work.

Balint Group

Traditionally Balint Groups have offered a confidential setting to GPs to help them to think about patients who are troubling them.   More recently Balint Groups have been open to non-medically trained professionals.  With Dr Ceri Dornan, I run a Thursday evening Balint Group in south Manchester, which you may wish to consider joining.